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Why Central TV?

Before You Rent to Own

Thinking about purchasing merchandise from a Rent To Own Store…THINK AGAIN.

Why pay twice the price for lesser quality merchandise when chances are you can qualify for Central TV Furniture & Appliances in-store credit?

Here are only a few of the reasons why you should shop at Central TV Furniture & Appliances before purchasing at a rent to own store:

  • Central TV Furniture & Appliances has an extensive selection of home appliances, televisions, bedding, and furniture for every room in your house.
  • Central TV Furniture & Appliances carries name brands like LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Crosley, and Catnapper furniture.
  • You are always guaranteed new merchandise at Central TV Furniture & Appliances, unlike at a rent to own store, where you may be paying full price for used or damaged merchandise.
  • When you purchase at Central TV Furniture & Appliances you receive the full manufacturer’s warranty. A rental contract voids the manufacturer’s warranty, and if you want protection, you will have to pay extra for it.
  • Central TV Furniture & Appliances carries all of its accounts in-house and does not consult with any outside finance company to determine if you qualify for credit. Central TV Furniture & Appliances offers credit plans that will fit your budget, often with little or no down payment.
  • You have no contractual obligation for any item you have purchased at a rent to own store. You can return it today, purchase the identical item at Central TV Furniture & Appliances, and start saving today.
  • But, the number one reason you should think about Central TV Furniture & Appliances first is that Central TV Furniture & Appliances will save you hundreds of dollars on identical or equivalent merchandise. 


Before You Rent to Own...
Central TV, Furniture & Appliances located in Terre Haute, IN proudly serving the Wabash Valley. We carry major brands such as Catnapper, Jackson, LG, Samsung Frigidaire, Symbol, and more. Come visit our showroom today!